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Safety Awareness for Fishermen

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Course Outline

Mandatory: Yes

In addition to the four courses required of new entrants, all experienced fishermen, regardless of whether they hold a Certificate of Competency, must complete a Safety Awareness course.

Experienced fishermen (defined in MGN411 as those who have been fishing for two years or more), are required to have completed Safety Awareness training. Seafish allow fishermen with a minimum of six months’ fishing experience to attend Safety Awareness training. This provides an 18-month window of opportunity to complete the course, prior to it becoming a legal requirement after two years. There is no age restriction on fishermen undertaking Safety Awareness training.

Upon completion of this course, experienced fishermen are recommended to apply to Seafish for an Experienced Fisherman photo identification card verifying their compliance with this requirement.

Course Aim

To improve the safety culture on board fishing vessels through the management of safety.

By the end of the training participants will:

  1. Understand the legal requirements that control safety in the fishing industry
  2. Understand health and safety hazards and risks
  3. Be able to complete a risk assessment
  4. Be able to develop a safety management system for a fishing vessel.

Examination Type

Continual assessment

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