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SeaFish Basic Sea Survival

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Course Outline

Seafish & MCA STCW Approved Basic Safety Training courses to enable new entrants and experienced fishermen to meet with the mandatory requirements for all crews of commercial fishing vessels registered in the UK.

Detailed information on the mandatory requirements can be found in Marine Guidance Notice 411


As a guide, we have summarised these requirements below.

A new entrant is defined as a person who is for the first time gainfully employed or engaged as a crew member on a commercial fishing vessel registered in the United Kingdom.

Before starting work as a fisherman all new entrants must have completed the following course:

  • 1 day Basic Sea Survival

This training can be very strenuous and involves jumping from a safe height (approx. 1.4m) - in Medina River, getting into and out of a life raft and righting an upturned life raft; we do need therefore, to ensure all our delegates are fit and well in order to be able to take part. Learners must be physically fit and will be required to complete and sign a confidential medical declaration informing us of any health problems that we would have to take into account. We reserve the right to carry out a risk assessment where an individual provides us with doubt of fitness to participate.

Within 3 months of starting work, all new entrant fishermen must complete the following additional courses:

  • 1 day Basic Fire Fighting and Prevention;
  • 1 day Basic First Aid / Elementary First Aid STCW and
  • 1 day Basic Health and Safety

Upon completion of these four courses, new entrants are recommended to apply to Sea Fish Industry Authority (Seafish) for a New Entrant photo identification card verifying their compliance with these requirements.

Experienced Fishermen

An experienced fisherman is defined as a fisherman who has been working as a fisherman for two years or more.

In addition to the courses required of new entrants (above), all experienced fishermen, regardless of whether they hold a Certificate of Competency, must complete the following course:

  • 1 day Safety Awareness and Risk Assessment.

Upon completion of this course, experienced fishermen are recommended to apply to Seafish for an Experienced Fisherman photo identification card verifying their compliance with this requirement.

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STCW Basic Safety Training

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