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New ROV Pilot training from October - Long and Short courses

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published 1st August 2019


After a successful first ROV training for Grade 2 Pilots, we have now set a date for the next one: 7th October. 

Then we have dates planned in November and also in December. 

The ROV Short Course, meets and extends the requirements of IMCA R04 (IMCA C 005 Rev.3) for ROV Pilot Technician, Grade 2. The course runs for three weeks and follows the Code of Practice for the Safe and Efficient Operation of Remotely Operated Vehicles, IMCA R 004 Rev.3. The course has been developed for students who have the necessary technical background/qualifications in one or more of the following disciplines: electrical, electronic, hydraulics, mechanics.

This is an intensive course with a high percentage of the course given over to practical ROV Piloting experience, with “in the water” experience from day one. You will be operating from M/V Explorer an ROV support vessels, in the clear Andark Lake in Southampton and challenging waters around the Isle of Wight, training in tidal conditions with variable visibility, giving you first-hand experience of what to expect when working offshore as an ROV Pilot Technician.

  • Practical experience flying a number of Observation Class ROVs
  • Wide variety of ROV dive operations including deep water, wreck and night dives.
  • Proficiency in ROV Maintenance with a strong emphasis placed on fault finding
  • Training with various launch and recovery methods including HIAB, Containerised LARS, Running Lock Latch.
  • The course is augmented with basic seamanship and maritime skills, preparing students for a career offshore on a wide range of vessels.

 The ROV Short Course runs for 3 weeks (excluding weekends) and is delivered through a combination of theory and hands-on exercises with a focus on the practical elements of training.

Theory sessions are taught on our premises. Practical Technical Training takes place in the onboard Engineering Workshop and ROV Shack.

The course comprises classroom and workshop training in:

  • Personal Protection Equipment ( PPE)
  • ROV Safety including Risk Assessment, Permits to Work and Accident Reporting.
  • ROV Component Parts
  • Maintenance and Fault Finding
  • ROV Hydraulics
  • High Voltage – IMCA R 005 Rev.1
  • Communications within the ROV environment
  • Basic Marine Safety and Seamanship Essentials
  • Introduction to Marine Survey, Charting and Tides.

Assessment includes a weekly progress test as well as a final written test which students must pass to successfully complete the course. There is also ongoing individual assessment and scrutiny of practical ROV piloting skills, culminating in a final personal assessment and report of individual students. On successful completion of the course, students will be issued with IMCA ROV Pilot Log Books and attendance certificate.

You should be over 18 years of age and have the necessary technical background in one or more of the following disciplines: electrical, electronics, hydraulics, mechanics with the supporting qualifications. 

To confirm your suitability for the course it is necessary to undergo a short telephone interview with our senior ROV instructor to be sure that you have the necessary technical background. Please note that should you not have the required training at the moment, don’t despair, you could still be a suitable candidate for our ROV Long Course.

If you want to know more please call 01983 294088 or email 

If you want to book, you may do so over the phone or via our website following the link:

For the ones with little or no experience, we have planned the long course, beginning of February 2020. 

More details follow the link:

Looking forward to having you on this amazing courses! 


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