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Fun on the Water event

All News Events Sunday, 12th May 2019

 Published 19 April 2019 at 16:05

 Red Ensign will be one of the participants of the Fun on the Water event held at Cowes Yacht Haven on Saturday, 11th and Sunday, 12th May. This is a free event for anybody who wants a bit of fun on the water!

We will be there to share our knowledge, offer advice and demonstrate rescuing procedures and how to stay safe in and on the water. We always aim to combine the practical side of training with the fun element to make it most interesting for our audience. Our training is never boring! 

One of our students said: 'Our instructor totally nailed this course and captured every ones attention for the entire day, brilliantly delivered, informative with exactly the right amount of occasionally added humour. Exacting, succinct and thoroughly enjoyable' whilst other insisted: 'Thank you' all so much for your immense support and guidance during this whole week. I wasn't sure if I'd get through it but I did :) and it's thanks to all you guys!! I have a new chapter in my life that's about to start, so it is very exciting! Thank You!'

We have students training with us from all over the world and we feel like we are not so well-known to our community. So, hopefully, on events like this, we will start to be more visible to the locals as we can offer more than just specific maritime training. If you need some help with how to navigate your boat, know a bit more about tides, first aid, fire fighting or you just want a little jolly on one of our boats, please contact us. We can offer one-to-one tuition or instruct groups up to 30 students. Weekends, bank holidays, half terms... Red Ensign is always open. 

Our manager, Stuart Vidler will be there, literally at the helm and happy to show big and small how it's done. It seems like the weather is going to be nice too! The event is held from 10am until 4pm on both days. 

See you there!


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