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Apprenticeships are on the up at Red Ensign

All News General News Friday, 3rd August 2018

 We are very passionate about apprenticeships here at Red Ensign.

 Recently we have had the pleasure of hosting Red Funnel’s Apprentice Selection Day. Fifteen potential apprentices worked in small groups to complete maritime related tasks including a casualty evacuation and decoding flag signals. We look forward to welcoming Red Funnel’s new Able Seafarer Deck apprentices in a few weeks.  


 We are excited to be hiring our own apprentices! We are looking for a Business Administration Apprentice and an Apprentice Bosun. If you are interested in one of these opportunities, please apply via

 Red Ensign have been working as part of a group led by the National Workboat Association to develop the NEW Level 3 Workboat Crewmember Apprenticeship. This exciting new apprenticeship is a 18-24 month apprenticeship which we are hoping to start soon. If you’re interested in this fantastic new course, the AB Deck or Rivers, Inland Waterways and Limited Distances to Sea apprenticeships which we are currently running, contact the apprenticeships team at


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