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Maritime Apprenticeships with Red Ensign

An apprenticeship is a real job, with training, where your apprentice achieves a set of qualifications.

These qualifications include a competency-based qualification (formerly an NVQ), a technical certificate to prove their knowledge and other skills including Maths, English and ICT.

Red Ensign currently offers Apprenticeships at Level 2 and Level 3 Most apprentices start at the Intermediate level before progressing to Advanced. Advanced Apprenticeships are related to occupational roles such as supervisor or manager or, in the case of Maritime Apprentices, junior Officer. Higher Apprenticeships offer a great alternative to further and higher education. An Apprenticeship takes a minimum of 12 months and is flexible.

The benefits most frequently cited by employers are that apprenticeships:

  • Reduce training and recruitment costs through better employee retention
  • Enable staff to gain nationally recognised qualifications
  • Improve performance of existing staff
  • Help to avoid skill gaps in the future
  • Help to instil company values and good practice among employees

When offering an Apprenticeship to an applicant you would be required to:

  • Select a member of staff to act as a mentor to support the Apprentice in the workplace and to liaise with Red Ensign
  • Allow the Apprentice to attend training away from the workplace when required
  • Pay the Apprentice an appropriate wage for the job
  • Provide a full induction to your premises, and any necessary protective clothing or uniforms
  • Ensure that your insurance cover extends to the Apprentice while on your premises
  • Ensure that any disciplinary or grievance procedures involving the Apprentice are carried out in conjunction with Red Ensign
  • Comply with current Equality and Diversity requirements and Health & Safety legislation
  • Allow reasonable access to your premises to Red Ensign representatives and Government Inspectors in relation to your Apprentice(s)

Red Ensign will help you to employ an Apprentice. We can either advertise for suitable candidates or you can select a potential apprentice yourself using selection procedures you may already have in place within your company. With our team of qualified, experienced and friendly staff, Red Ensign takes a consultative approach to training, and builds long term partnerships with employers. We consistently achieve higher success rates with our Learners than the national averages and can access government funding to support the cost of Apprenticeship training.

Red Ensign staff will be on hand regularly to:

  • Help with the whole recruitment process
  • Plan and design training programmes to meet your needs and those of the learner
  • Provide training, assessment and support throughout the learning journey
  • Help coach and mentor your staff to provide the highest quality training to the apprentice
  • Provide ‘off -the-job’ training to support learning in the workplace

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