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Marine Vessel Maintenance (Engineering)

Level 2 Diploma

Marine Vessel Maintenance (Engineering)

The purpose of this qualification is to provide you with the practical skills and knowledge to enable you to safely and efficiently maintain and repair the equipment fitted to Merchant Vessels. This vocational qualification is one component of an approved Merchant Navy training programme and is the first step toward confirming occupational competence and achieving certification as an Electro-technical or Engineering Officer within the Merchant Navy.

Achieving this qualification is part of the process of confirming occupational competence for these roles and you will be required to undertake other components of the Merchant Navy programme to become certified as an Officer. These include e.g: • SQA Level 3 Diploma in Shipping and Maritime Operations (you would normally undertake this qualification at the same time as the Level 2 Diploma in Maritime Studies: Marine Vessel Maintenance) • HNC/D Nautical Science or Marine Engineering (you will progress to an appropriate HNC/D qualification following successful completion of the above qualifications)


Who is the qualification for?

This route will provide you with the skills and knowledge to:

• Operate and maintain machinery and support systems on a ship, including planning and preparation of engineering maintenance jobs • Work safely in an engineering environment and comply with relevant regulations, guidelines and procedures • problem solve over a wide range of machinery and equipment • communicate clearly with staff at all levels • work effectively within a team This qualification may be of interest to you if you are • wishing to enter the Merchant Navy • a Rating already working within the shipping industry (who will not have this extensive range of skills), or • wishing to transfer from another career • practically minded and enjoy learning in a structured and detailed manner using practical training, and enjoy the challenge that a career in technology and as a Ship’s Officer entails.

Age range

You would be an adult aged over 16, to enable you to undertake the industrial placement (sea service) that would be required after successfully achieving this qualification. NB – for the industrial placement you would need to meet the seafarer medical requirements for the UK.

Entry requirements

Apprenticeships/ Other qualifications GCSE Grades A-C or Scottish Standard grades at Levels 1-3 in the following subjects: English Language, Maths, a Science based subject and at least one other subject. Or a National Certificate/Diploma: in appropriate subjects (such as Engineering or Science) There is no suitable Apprenticeship route available for these job roles and no other qualification at this level that meets industry requirements for progression to these job roles. If you wish to pursue a career as an Engineering Officer then you will be interested in the other components of the Merchant Navy training programme that will help lead you to becoming certified as an Officer: • SQA Level 3 Diploma in Shipping and Maritime Operations – this qualification will provide you with the underpinning knowledge of the maritime sector and prepare you for further learning within the Merchant Navy training programme (i.e. it will provided a progression route to HNC/D in Marine Engineering or Nautical Science)

What can the qualification lead to?

This qualification provides part of the approved training programme for Merchant Navy Officers and can enable progression to a job as a junior Officer within the Merchant Navy (following completion of the appropriate HNC/D qualification this qualification progresses onto). http://www.mntb.org.uk/en-GB/Training-Frameworks

On completion of the full approved training programme for Merchant Navy Officers the rank that you can hold without further training is Electrotechnical Officer (Electro-technical route) or Fourth and Third Engineering Officer (engineering route). With further professional development and assessment you can progress to a Chief Electro-technical Officer or Second/Chief Engineering Officer roles.

Following successful completion of the full training scheme (of which this qualification is a mandatory element) you will hold both a Certificate of Competency (issued by the UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency) as well as a Higher Education qualification that provides you with the skills and knowledge to undertake a role as a junior Ship’s Officer.